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Company profile

 Shanghai Zhonghui  New Material Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhonghui New Material") was established in 2014. 2015 to Zhonghui New Material as the main body in the listed companies, strategic restructuring of Shanghai Lvjian Pharmatech Co., Ltd., Shanghai Feiliu Medical Application Co., Ltd., and Shouxin Bio-Medical Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Zhonghui  New Material Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., They have the international first-class independent core technology and professional services. and formed by "pharmaceutical intermediates and new macromolecule material" "Polypropylene transparent nucleating agent "as the core industry of high-tech listed companies intends toCompany R & D center was established in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang High Tech Park, the production base has "Jiangxi Sheng Wei Industrial Co., Ltd.", "Jiangxi Zhonghui  New Material Sci-Tech Co., Ltd." and "Jiangxi polymerization Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd."The Company is headquartered in Shanghai.

 The Companies in a variety of pharmaceutical raw materials and Polypropylene transparent nucleating agent, intermediates and new polymer additives, pure plant flavonoids, antioxidants and other new industries have the leading proprietary technology. Depends on a number of professional research and Dr.development team, and combination with Shanghai pharmaceutical industry research institute, Chinese academy of sciences institute of organic chemistry, Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of materials,with leading in technology , innovation of service concept, for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and other industries provide customers high quality products and professional services.

At the same time Company active equity investment related high-growth potential corporate entities Denotative expansion for the company development to build a good industrial ecology foundation.

 Strategic vision: to become a pharmaceutical and chemical products with the status of the international industry integrated service provider";
 Strategic positioning: "becoming a leading company in the development and production of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates ,Polypropylene transparent nucleating agent and polymer materials." ;
 Strategic objectives: to become China's first-class pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates ,Polypropylene transparent nucleating agent and polymer new materials listed group company";

Core values: "innovation, responsibility, win-win".

  The company to "integrated innovation, restructuring of the joint, integrated management, capital operation, development road; rapid growth main business scale, continued to improve profitability; comprehensively promote the level of management and corporate governance, formed unique" industry and finance double drive "management mode and" innovation forerunner, create value "core business philosophy, strive to become not only for shareholders to create high returns and good social responsibility with the international competitiveness of the innovative enterprises.